About the Game

Crystal Reign combines physics-based shooting with fast-paced arcade gameplay in which you must fend off the armada of magically powered robots.

Centuries ago, the peaceful land of Crylania became distinctly less peaceful thanks to the creation of armies of robotic soldiers called Arcanalith; machines of science and magic that conducted wars on their creators’ behalves - once again confirming the notion that building death-robots is a generally bad idea.

Before the mechanised hostilities made a mess of everything, some of the more sensible inhabitants ran from Crylania, finding refuge in the mountains while their homelands were reduced to ruin.

The war on the surface has long since ended, and the remaining Arcanalith have lain dormant for centuries, but something is stirring below the clouds. The Arcanalith are rising, and heading for the mountains which you now call home.


  • Build your tower from seven varied and powerful layers.
  • Take on ten unique mechanical enemies.
  • Vanquish two giant bosses.
  • Hear the backstory of the world, narrated by Kevin McNally.
  • Three difficulty levels, including a hard-core arcade mode.
  • 28 achievements to be earned.
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Release Date:

April 2014

Build a custom tower of varied weapons and defend the last settlements of humanity from the return of a magical robot army.

Hunted Cow Studios Ltd Criss Cross Games