Civil War II: 1862 Announced!

November 5th, 2013

Today developers Hunted Cow Studios and HexWar are announcing the prequel to their popular Civil War: 1863 strategy wargame. Civil War II: 1862 will release on the App Store (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod) next Thursday, Nov. 14 for 99 cents.

Civil War II builds on the original Civil War game, with improvements and new features such as flank attacks, expanded melee combat, and additional troops for greater strategy gameplay.

Players engage in 14 main battles during the American Civil War, 13 of which can be experienced from either side — the North or the South. The game includes an eight-mission tutorial campaign, a five-mission “Fix Bayonets” campaign, and an eight-mission “Steel and Thunder” campaign.

Civil War II features four infantry classes (raw, average, veteran, and elite) and eight war units (naval gunboats, wagons, generals, infantry with muskets and with rifled muskets, artillery, and dismounted and mounted cavalry).

Helping new players learn the basics and veterans refine their strategy is the Combat Analysis, which provides details about units in battle so players can better decide their next move. Hunted Cow introduced this popular feature with this year’s release of Ancient Battle: Rome.

Players can now execute flank attacks and different infantry formations (unformed, a line for shooting, and a column for charging) for deeper strategy and improved battle outcomes.

Five additional eight-mission campaigns (all playable as either the North or South) are available as in-app purchases at 99 cents each, including the “Shot and Shell” campaign featuring various tactical challenges, such as capturing control points.

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