Civil War II: 1862 is out now!

November 14th, 2013

Today developers Hunted Cow Studios and HexWar launched Civil War II: 1862, the prequel to last year’s Civil War II: 1863, on the App Store as a universal app (99 cents).

Civil War II expands on the original strategy wargame with a number of new features and improvements, including the addition of flank attacks, which proved popular with this year’s Tank Battle: North Africa, and Combat Analysis, incorporated from the recent Ancient Battle: Rome.

This new title enables players to experience the Civil War as both the North and the South in two robust campaigns, “Fix Bayonets” (five missions long) and “Steel and Thunder” (eight missions).

Civil War II: 1862 also introduces new infantry classes — raw, average, veteran, and elite — and war units, including naval gunboats, wagons, generals, infantry with muskets and infantry with rifled muskets, artillery, and both dismounted and mounted cavalry.

Five additional campaigns, each consisting of eight missions, are available as in-app purchases for 99 cents apiece. As a special bonus, the “Shot and Shell” campaign is uniquely designed as a series of tactical challenges.

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