The Fury of Civil War: 1863 is Unleashed

August 5th, 2014
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Hunted Cow Studios
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Hunted Cow Studios

Release Date

10th September 2012 (iOS)
5th August 2014 (Mac)


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[email protected]



Regular Price

USD $6.99 (Mac)
USD $1.99 (iOS)
CAD $6.99 (Mac)
CAD $1.99 (iOS)
EUR €5.99 (Mac)
EUR €1.59 (iOS)
GBP £4.99 (Mac)
GBP £1.49 (iOS)
AUS $2.49

Elgin, Scotland 5th August 2014 - Civil War: 1863, the hex-based strategy game by Hunted Cow Studios and HexWar Ltd, has arrived on the Mac App Store, priced at $6.99/£4.99/€5.99.

The Mac Version of the game will include all previously released content from the iOS version, which is currently rated at 5 stars on the App Store, alongside several new features to improve the gameplay experience.

Civil War: 1863 includes 10 campaigns, with a total of 75 missions. The first campaign is a tutorial, which teaches players the basic and advanced concepts they will need to secure victory. All missions in the game can be played from either the Union or Confederate side, with the exception of the tutorial.

The Mac version of the game also features iCloud saves, which means missions can be started on the Mac, then loaded later in the iOS version of the game to enable you to finish your battles on the move. The Mac version also includes a map zoom function, which allows players to move between a close-up view of the action or a birds-eye view of the battlefield.

Civil War: 1863 is the prequel to recently released Civil War: 1864, and features many of the same improvements. Detailed Combat Analysis allows players to better assess the battlefield, while Flank Attacks and Strategic Movement give them the ability to respond to enemy threats dynamically.

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About Hunted Cow:

Hunted Cow Studios is a leading game developer and publisher which was founded in 2003. Their most popular browser game is Fallen Sword which has attracted over four million players since its launch in 2006.

Hunted Cow’s flagship 3D MMO Eldevin, originally a browser-only game, recently received a desktop client release and has been well received by gamers and critics alike. As such, the game is going from strength to strength. Hunted Cow are also continually improving their other games, such as Fallen Sword, as well as releasing innovative strategy and roleplaying titles on mobiles and tablets.

Hunted Cow and HexWar have a strong portfolio of iOS games, including Tank Battle: North Africa, which won the “Game of the Week” award on Pocket Gamer and Ancient Battle: Rome, was the No. 1 iOS strategy game in the iTunes Store in 8 countries and was called "Hunted Cow’s best wargame yet" by Pocket Tactics.

Hunted Cow also prides itself on working with other talented developers to bring their games to a wider audience. Developers interested in discussing collaborations can email [email protected]


About Hexwar Ltd,

HexWar Ltd. is based in Fortrose in the North of Scotland and develops a wide range of games for PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad.



Hunted Cow

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Marketing and Social Media
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E: [email protected]
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Keith Martin-Smith
Games Master
E: [email protected]
Skype: hexwarkeith


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