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October 2nd, 2013
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Dapper Hat Games


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1st November 2013


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Publisher Hunted Cow Studios and developer Dapper Hat Games are proud to announce that Mr. Montgomery's Debonair Facial Hair will launch for iOS and Android this November.

This fast-paced 2D action-arcade game challenges players to become the ultimate Moustache Maestro under the barbershop tutelage of legendary stylist Mr. Montgomery. The facial hair of the eccentric patrons of the Debonair Facial Hair shop requires careful handling, but the local ruffians of Stashton Upon Sea are keen on ruining your masterpieces. Players must fend off sharks, swat killer bees, keep circus clowns out of mischief, save the barbershop from disappearing into a black hole, and more.

Mr. Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair is a wacky, all-ages game that features six unique customers, 186 crazy moustache styles, 11 devious ruffians, 40 challenging achievements, humorous dialogue, and an innovative combing mechanic. It includes voicework by Kevin Parr ( and Gwendoline North.



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About Dapper Hat Games:

Dapper Hat Games is a graduate development team from the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland. It originally formed to participate in the university’s 2012 Dare to Be Digital competition, which lasted nine weeks, with its debut game Mr. Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair.

In March 2013, Dapper Hat Games won the BAFTA in Scotland New Talent Award for Best Game, which kickstarted development for the second time. Despite troubles to secure funding, the group of close friends and passionate developers stuck together and are finally ready to release the game with publishing partner Hunted Cow Studios in November 2013. The studio currently consists of six members.


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