Debonair Facial Hair Launches Today!

November 7th, 2013

Publisher Hunted Cow Studios is pleased to launch Mr. Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair, the first title from developer Dapper Hat Games, which won a 2013 BAFTA New Talent Award in Scotland for Best Game. It’s available today on the App Store and Google Play and costs 99 cents with no in-app purchases (IAP).

The 2D action game challenges players to earn the ultimate title of Moustache Maestro. Under the tutelage of legendary barber Mr. Montgomery, players can create over 180 different moustachioed styles — as long as they have what it takes to deal with any shenanigans that come their way. The local ruffians of Stashton Upon Sea will unleash sharks, killer bees, black holes, and more to prevent players from completing their hairy masterpieces.

Mr. Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair features humorous dialogue, voice-acting by Kevin Parr ( and Gwendoline North, and 40 achievements.

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