Eldevin beta level cap increases!

June 25th, 2013
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Hunted Cow Studios announced today that it is increasing the Eldevin closed beta level cap. Players will now be able to continue their journey through Eldevin and experience hours of new content and epic story. Featuring fully real time MMO-style combat with over 200 unique abilities and talents, early reviews and opinions of the beta have been very positive with MMOAttack.com rating the beta at 8 / 10 and saying, "For a browser game, you don't get much better."

Producer John Stewart said, "We're very pleased to open up more of the game to our community. We've had thousands of players jumping in and enjoying the game and we're very close to starting our open beta weekends. Over the next two months we've got a very busy schedule of updates and we're going to continue to rolling out improvements during this time. We feel Eldevin is going to be one of the best browser-based games on the market and the development team are all extremely dedicated to making this happen!"

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