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February 27th, 2014

Tank Battle: East Front 1941

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Tank Battle: East Front 1942

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Tank Battle: East Front 1943

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Tank Battle: East Front 1944

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Hunted Cow Studios


Hunted Cow Studios

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Q1 2014


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Fight as the Germans or the Soviets in a series of ever more complex missions. At the beginning of the year both sides have relatively obsolete equipment such as the Panzer I and T-26. As the war progresses more advanced tanks such as the excellent T-34 become available. Missions vary from straightforward wipe out the enemy missions, to capture key objectives, to protect vital supply convoys. There is a whole range of missions to reflect the tactical complexity on warfare on the Eastern Front.

The game system is based on, and a major upgrade of, the successful game engine developed for ‘Tank Battle: North Africa’.

More Tank Battle: East Front missions will follow with the release of Tank Battle: East Front 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 in the coming weeks.


  • High Definition World War Two Era Graphics.
  • Play as the Soviets in the 7 Mission ‘First Strike’ learning campaign that ends with two in depth missions.
  • Play as the Germans in the 8 Mission ‘Blitzkrieg’ Campaign.
  • Play as the Soviets in the 8 Mission ‘Desperate Defence’ Campaign.
  • Play as either side in 2 pass and play two player missions.
  • 30 different German units; Panzer 38t, Panzer Ib, Flammpanzer II, Panzer IIa, Panzer IIIe, Panzer IIIj, Panzer IVe, Panzer IVf1, Panzerjager Ib, Sd.Kfz 10/4, Sd.Kfz 222, Sd.Kfz 231, Sd.Kfz 232, Sd.Kfz 250, Sd.Kfz 251, SiG 33, SiG Ib, StuG IIIb, 15cm Sfh18, 17cm K18, 20mm Flak38, 37mm Pak36, 50mm Pak38, 75mm Lefk, 88mm Flak36, 105cm Gun, Ju87, Nebelwerfer 41, Sd.Kfz 7 and Wurfrahmen 40.’s
  • 14 different Soviet units; BA-10, BM-13, BM-31, BT-7, KV-1, KV-2, T-26, T-34/76, T-60, 45mm Model 1937, 85mm Model 1939, 122mm Model 1938, 152mm Model 1938 and Shturmovik’s.
  • 6 common units; Flamethrower infantry, Heavy Machine Guns, Riflemen, Mortars, Supply Dumps and Trucks.
  • Summer and winter terrain.
  • Four troop classes; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite.
  • Other Game Features include: Detailed Combat Analysis, Flank Attacks
, Strategic Movement, indirect fire, mounting and dismounting from vehicles.
  • Hours of game play
  • Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.

  • Universal App (Works on iPhone & iPad).

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