Tank Battle: NA - Lite Version Released

March 8th, 2013
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Hunted Cow Studios
Hex War


Hunted Cow Studios

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January 2013


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After the successful launch of Tank Battle: North Africa, Game Developer and Publisher Hunted Cow has released a Lite version of the game for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Tank Battle: North Africa Lite is a detailed hex-based WW2 strategy game which features 5 tutorial missions and an 8 mission British campaign where the player can use their strategic prowess to defeat the Germans.

The game was developed in partnership with historical strategy experts Hex War and expands upon its predecessor Tank Battle: 1944 by adding new features such as flanking, ‘move and shoot’, troop transports and veteran units.

Andrew Mulholland, co-founder and CEO of Hunted Cow said, "We’re excited to be releasing another high quality iOS strategy title with the Hex War team. Tank Battle: North Africa has taken into account a lot of the feedback we have received from our players and we feel it’s one of the best strategy games available on the App Store."

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